Mark Halbert

Reiki Master, Counsellor and Spiritual Coach

Reiki Healing.  Feeling stressed and tense? In need of relaxation? Want to feel good? Looking for peace in your life? Discover the wonderful benefits of Reiki Healing.


Reiki Massage (New).  Enjoy all the benefits of Reiki Healing and gentle, soothing Massage in one session, healing on the physical, mental and spiritual levels. 
Counselling and Spiritual Guidance Coaching.   Feeling unhappy? Low confidence or self-esteem? Feeling anxious or depressed? Want to find your purpose in life? In need of help and guidance on your spiritual path? Discover the wonderful benefits of Counselling and Spiritual Guidance Coaching to help you find answers and uncover your authentic Self. I can help you set goals, look at your wants, desires and dreams, then help you take action to achieve them. 
Bereavement Counselling.  Lost a loved one? Deep in grief and nowhere to turn? I can offer you help and support to get through the tough times, deal with the different stages of grief and restore your confidence and strength, better able to face life again. 
 I have over 25 years experience in Reiki Healing and Massage Therapy, and 12 years experience in Counselling, Spiritual Guidance Coaching and Bereavement Counselling.  

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